Phased Array Testing

Ultrasonic phased arrays use multiple ultrasonic elements and electronic timing delays to generate and receive ultrasound. Beams are created by constructive or destructive interference through the superpositon of the waveforms based on the timing of the pulsing on each transducer. Phased arrays offer advantages over conventional single probe ultrasonic testing because a phased array beam can be electronically scanned and the beams created by the superimposed waveforms can be steered and provide focus. Phased array ultrasound is similar in principle to radar and sonar. The arrays can be linear or two-dimensional. Linear arrays are more common. The individual elements in the array are wired independently for pulsing and time shifting. PAUT is generally considered an advanced NDT method, commonly used to detect component failures but also used in the inspection of welds, corrosion mapping, and thickness measurements over larger areas.

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