ELCH Testing

The ELCH Elasticity Laminate Checker is used for on-site damage detection of fiber-reinforced and other laminated materials. Damages of aircrafts often occur after collisions with birds or if a gangway hits the plane. Delamination and flaws (e.g. debonding, honeycomb ruptures etc.) which result in a loss of structural stiffness can be detected within seconds. This is important in order to decide whether the plane can continue flight or if repairs have to be carried out.

The test unit operates to the principle of deformation measurement of the honeycomb structure under vacuum.

Working principle: Use of vacuum to load the inspection area and measure the resulting deformation allows detecting disbonding and other flaws reducing the stiffness.

The key features are:

  • Especially able to detect rear side debonding.
  • Easy installation with one-handed operation.
  • Operates solely with compressed air.
  • Indoor and outdoor application.

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