Non-destructive Testing

Nondestructive testing (NDT) has been defined as those methods used to test a part or system without impairing its future usefulness. Nondestructive testing has many methods of investigation, these is what RWAN do, radiography, ultrasound, eddy current, infrared thermography, magnetic particle, liquid penetrant.

We have extensive experience supplying personnel and consultancy services for global assignments and international projects.

About Us

RWAN Engineering is a professional quality and technical service company, whom specialist in basic and advance NDT, officially established in Thailand on September 2009 by a group of specialist and technicians. RWAN offers completely range of non-destructive testing services for Aerospace, Gas Turbine & Specialized Inspection in Thailand. The company also provides inspection and NDT services for the industries. We are one of the new quality services for NDT & Testing inspection company in Thailand.